Company Timeline
John "Pa" Bouchard leaves Swift Packing in Chicago after feelings that his ingenuity is under-compensated. Settling in Nashville, he opens a blacksmith shop on the corner of 11th Ave. North and Harrison Streets.
JOHN BOUCHARD & SONS CO. is in business as John's son James, a machinist, joins the team.

With a “we can fix anything” attitude, JBS works on: Our old business tag.boilers, engines, pumps, feed water, heaters, ice machinery, shafting, hangers, pulleys, belting, elevators, pipefittings, valves, lubricators, oil cups, packing, pipe work, steam, water heating with “prompt attention guaranteed”!



The Pump Department is added. They work with the city fire fighters.

The first truck is purchased, a Sandow. The Bouchard family took it to the Stones River for a fourth of July celebration. JBS retires the boiler power to shift to electric, but it retains the old belt drive system in case the power company fails…which it would, often.

Ira Gadd, at 14, joins the machinist crew. W.B. Cammeron is foreman. Shop is producing steam engiHere is a branded symbol from when we used to make leather beltings.nes for sawmills. Leather machine belts are tanned and then affixed with Lyda Brand cement (Lyda was a Bouchard daughter).


JBS gets in the foundry business.
JBS opens the Automatic Sprinkler Department. “Rocks” the surrey horse kicks and crushes H.B. Randolph's ankle. JB offers H.B. a job for life if he won't sue! Dime raises are given.

Mr. John E. BouchardJohn Bouchard entertains clients and guests on the new belt shop hardwood floor with a big band and a nickelodeon. Founder John Bouchard dies. John Eugene Bouchard, “Mr. John”, becomes president.

A city-wide flood leaves wooden patterns floating in the backyard and water between the floorboards.
Workshifts are staggered so that no payroll is missed during A picture of our old machine shop.the entire Great Depression. An unusual snowfall collapses porch on receiving dock and company ACTUALLY CLOSES due to snow! (But JEB and Ira Gadd were there!) JBS starts pouring brass and iron castings. JBS begins performing elevator work in most major buildings downtown. The company starts installing ammonia refrigeration cooling systems.
The Electrical Department opens.
JBS represents Page Steel and Wire Company, Dodge Line Power, Hewitt Rubber Goods, and York Ice Machines.
During the “WW II” era, JBS produces bomb-manufacturing machines for the government. The Pump Department starts growing. Cecil Christian heads the Electrical Department. William Gadd heads the Machine Shop.
Mr. John E. Bouchard, Jr.
JBS contracts to plumb 200 units of the Berry Hill Gardens of Defense Homes Corporation. JEB, Jr. joins the Nashville Rotary Club. John E. Bouchard, Sr. (“Mr. John”) dies. John E. Bouchard, Jr. becomes President.
Cordell Duncan joins the Machine Shop as a helper. Miss Virginia Philpot joins the Accounting Department.
John E. Bouchard, III joins the Company.
Continuing its role in Nashville's growth, JBS is the mechanical subcontractor on the new Green Hills Office Building , the Metro Courthouse, Hamilton Bank, and Genesco. JBS helps Nashville's needy through Boys Clubs of Nashville, and later UGF, Big Brothers of Nashville, and other charities.
The Foundry expands as it moves to its new building on 18th Avenue North.




John E. Bouchard, Jr. (“Mr. Jack”) dies at 57, after 35 years with the Company. John E. Bouchard, III becomes President.

Bill & Ira Gadd retire after 106 combined years of service in the machine shop.
1975 75 years we were still going strong...The 75th anniversary of JBS is celebrated.
The Construction Departments become “merit” shops after the unions go on strike. The machinists decertify with their union shortly thereafter. Large sprinkler jobs include the Third National Tower, Willis Corroon, and Life & Casualty. The Company continues to grow with the strong Middle Tennessee economy.
William D. Morgan, a Bouchard son-in-law, joins the company.
The Pump Department opens a Knoxville sales office.
The Air Compressor Sales Department opens in Nashville.
The Knoxville office expands into air compressor sales and opens a repair facility.
The Air Compressor Department and the Machine Shop expand into the new 11th Avenue North building.
We celebrate our 100th Anniversary and begin the task of "forging our second century together"!

William D. Morgan becomes President and John E. Bouchard, III remains as Chairman of the Board.